Sometimes we spend our days in a fog. Sometimes in a frenzy. A Day at the Mind Spa is a different kind of spa, one designed to offer preventive wellness for the mind, much like your annual physical offers preventive wellness for the body. Come to gauge your well-being. To build your resilience. To discover new coping strategies. To improve your relationships. To redirect your career. To discover and live your life purpose.
We are your mind wellness destination.


Tell us about your goals – improving a relationship, weight management, career guidance – and we will create a full- or half-day customized program designed just for you.  Learn More >


We conduct a series of small-group Retreats that focus on important transitions and stumbling blocks we face throughout the year and throughout our lives.  Learn More >


Sometimes to take a close look at your everyday life, you need to get far away from it. We lead an annual Adventure Experience to inspiring locations like Italy and Spain.  Learn More >

A Day at the
Mind Spa offers
expertise in:






Parenting & Family


Work Settings

Achieving Change

Value Assessment

Goal clarification

Goal setting

Goal achievement

Barriers to Change

Leadership Development

Sustaining change

holistic wellness

Stress Management

Work/Life Balance

Weight Management


Life Transitions

Mind/Body Health

"I just completed my first Personalized Mind Wellness Day. I am experiencing serenity, clarity and focus that is new and solid."

- Carolyn, Attorney

What in the world
is a Mind Massage?

Mind Massages offer you comfort, just like a body massage. Popping into your inbox regularly, Mind Massage will always allow you a few moments to relax and perhaps experience an "Aha!" moment.

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