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Another Perfect Day in Paradise

Among my fatherís gifts were his enduring optimism and a natural and infectious wonder about life. Daily, I find myself repeating at least one of his compelling expressions that conveyed his love for life.

Whether at home or on vacation, Dad would announce at dayís beginning, “hereís to another perfect day in paradise.” The thoughts and images that are conjured when thinking of paradise are comforting, soothing, beautiful. Although we consciously strive to avoid the pressures of achieving perfection, I realize now that my dadís concept of daily life as comparable to paradise was his profound commitment to gratitude.

I have just returned from a magical and meaningful week in Tuscany. A Day at the Mind Spa hosted this international retreat with a theme of sensory mindfulness set against Italian sights, smells, tastes, touches and sounds. Needless to say, our senses were gifted throughout each and every day of our journey.

The eight remarkable women who joined me on this adventure are grounded, conscious, curious and introspective. Not to mention, these “bellas” are so very much fun. As we laughed and sang our way through the Italian landscape, we deepened our awareness of the richness of daily life by turning up the volume on our senses. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to share this international retreat with amazing women that I admire greatly, and I am inspired to plan for next year!

Upon returning, I am again reminded that although discovery of paradise in daily life is particularly poignant and accessible when we are away from home, our commitment to this grounded and mindful connection to daily sensory “paradises” we have around us at home is even more precious, in a way, for its routine and normalcy.

We have the option to begin our experience of each day with an eye toward paradise, regardless of our concept of this word.

Our morning rituals, our daily relationships, our sensory experiences are all opportunities for gratitude, for paradise. We have to train ourselves to see these experiences of paradise, the moments of perfection, the “wow” of daily life.

Training ourselves, indeed, as our mindset and default mode can so easily be based in deficit and discouragement. I invite you to expand your vocabulary of happiness, of gratitude, of fulfillment. I invite you to spend just one day really “seeing” and not just looking at what is around you, and relishing what you see.

By the end of his life, my beloved dad had lost his ability to make language, to share his voice or his vision. We filled much of his time with animated Pixar films and he devoured them even without speech. What he gave us instead were huge bursts of laughter as the hilarity of the movies registered in his mind, if not his language. And so even at the end of his life, he taught me to see “another perfect day in paradise” in everything.

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