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How Women Lead

Announcing Our June 8-15, 2013 International Retreat

During your lifetime, whether you are conscious of it or not, you have been watching women lead. You have watched women lead classrooms, friendships, businesses, organizations, partnerships, children, families and themselves. You have internalized all kinds of unspoken messages about how women lead simply by watching.

Women have been leading for generations. The styles of leadership have varied across centuries and decades, as have the risks associated with taking a leading role. Still, whether or not circumstances permitted such roles for women during earlier times, women began to teach us how to lead long ago.

We have the opportunity to return to earlier times so that we can discover the struggles, the styles and the lessons of women that have navigated the leadership path before us.

A Day at the Mind Spa is excited to announce our June 2013 International Retreat to be held in Bordeaux, France, where we will focus on this magnificent topic. Twelve women will travel with us as we learn the stories of the remarkable women from this region of France, whose histories of entrepreneurship and creativity have informed generations beyond.

We will investigate our personal history as a backdrop for understanding the evolution of our particular leadership style. We will envision, create and embody a profile of “female leadership” within our retreat circle to guide and direct us in the many settings that require our strength and our wisdom.

When A Day at the Mind Spa goes abroad, we plan every detail. This retreat will be no different. We will be staying in an exquisite chateau where our mission will be to offer inspirational breaks in a magical place. Our daily rituals will include attention to mind, body and spirit, with offerings that ensure rest and renewal. And, if your schedule permits, we will offer a short add- on journey to Paris for a few days of delight before returning home.

As you begin this month of activity and connection, begin to observe the women around you. Begin to take note of what you see, what you hear and what you already understand about how women lead. And reserve your spot in this mid-year personal retreat today… it’s the perfect holiday gift to give yourself.

We will meet as a group a couple of times before our June 2013 departure, so that our process of discovery can begin even before we leave.

Call or email today to get all the details and make your reservation. Our trips fill quickly and we know this one will be no different. We hope to hear from you soon!

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