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How we all love things new! New beginnings. New trends. New clothing. New recipes. New friends. New hair styles. New travel destinations. New restaurants. New outlooks. New insights.

Well, we are in the calendar time of “New.” Yes, a new year and this one is 2013! I honestly cannot believe we have had so many new years in this century. And now we are in year 13. What do you want to do with all of this newness? How do you want to stay in the experience of “New?”

We love the freshness of new beginnings. We love the notion of a new start, a clean slate, a chance to do it better and all new. We yearn to understand things in a new way. We want to be new to those around us who actually know us in an “old” way.

New means not existing before, made, introduced or discovered recently or now for the first time. Synonyms of new are words like fresh, recent, novel, modern, young or green.

How we shine at these words and the images they conjure. Words full of light that offer wildly hopeful directions and magical outcomes.

So here we are with all of these opportunities for newness. So many possibilities and so many chances. Where to begin?

New is a very simple three letter word, one that makes our chances for maximizing the potential of 2013 very accessible. If we allow ourselves to let every small moment be a chance to see things in a new way, to think of things in a new way, to try to learn something new, to view our old beliefs in a new light, then we are well on our way to allowing all that is going to be new in the year ahead enter our sphere.

Every day, in fact, is new. Every moment of every day is new. Every breath is new. Every blink brings newness. If we truly want to begin anew, our chances of success are high if we allow ourselves to recognize that “New” is in every moment.

The gift of “New” lets us look forward, just a bit, while staying firmly planted in “Now.” Even while anticipating the new that is ahead of us, we can experience “New” each and every moment if we require this of ourselves.

I invite you to recognize and relish each experience of “New” that this year will bring to you… some of the new will bring joy and, as life goes, some of the new will bring other emotions. Remember as you breathe in every new moment, while exhaling one that you have already experienced, you have received the gift of “New” while integrating what was new just a breath before. And if we can all stay just in this very moment, what a new New Year we have ahead!

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