Mind Massage

Happy New Year

Time to Hurry Up and Slow Down!

We are all experiencing that magical fresh start that comes with the New Year. A new beginning and lots of chances to do things in a different way. New goals and new dreams.

This Mind Massage has five suggestions to put your fresh start in high gear!

Hurry up and put your focus on your personal well-being.

Do whatever this may look like in your universe. Choose the activity that’s right for you. Go to sleep earlier. Eat better at least one meal a day. Start exercising once a week. Meditate each week, no matter how often or how long. Write in your journal to process your day. Hurry up and start taking care of YOU, because you can do that better than anyone else!

Slow down and connect.

During the course of each day, take time to connect. Talk to the people around you and really listen to their answers. Look at your family, friends and co-workers when you talk to them. Stay focused while you are talking and even more while you are listening. Slow down and connect!

Hurry up and set your priorities for 2012.

Change occurs most effectively when it is measured and realistic. Set just a few priorities, less than a handful, for the year ahead. Then break those priorities into small and measurable goals so you can see your progress incrementally. Don’t try to change your entire world, focus on small progress, It’s worth hurrying to get started!

Slow down and engage.

Figure out what gets your mind “in the flow” and engage in that activity at least once each day. During this time, your brain is focused on that activity, not thinking about all of the other details and distractions of life. This focus time actually relaxes your brain and body. Whatever the activity that engages you, from sports to reading, sewing to cooking, or writing to sketching, your brain will thank you for slowing down and giving it a Mind Massage.

Hurry up and find meaning.

What do you do that creates a sense of meaning and fulfillment in your life? If you don’t know what that is, hurry up and find out. Discover the activity or work that fills your heart and brings serenity and satisfaction to your soul. Make this one a rush!

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