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In 1994, I was taking my final steps to transition from one career to the next. I was referring my loyal and valued clients to other public relations firms as I committed myself to full-time clinical training to become a private practice psychotherapist. I had been so lucky to have such capable, intelligent, interesting clients and I found myself both sad to tell them goodbye and excited to move in a new career direction.

I made an appointment with my favorite client, the chairman of a national diversified commercial real estate company. I was hesitant to share my news that I was leaving the field. To my surprise, (and I was just short of 40 years old at the time) he jumped up from his chair, gave me a hug and shared the following wisdom that has stayed close to me since that time.

“We humans,” he said, “need to repot ourselves at least every seven years in one way or another!” He congratulated me and we parted our working relationship. I have never seen or talked to him since but his words have never left me.

What a concept… “repot yourself in one way or another at least every seven years.” I took his wisdom to heart, and in fact have gone about the repotting business quite often in the subsequent years. I enthusiastically encourage you to do the same. Here are some suggestions for optimum repotting:

Evaluate your life at least every six months to measure the quality of the “soil.” Are there enough nutrients to allow you to appreciate the quality of your days and your leisure time?

Can you give yourself permission to engage in a new activity, whether professional or personal, multiple times each year? If not, what is stopping you from taking some manageable risk? If so, what has the change contributed to your “garden?”

Do you register change as an opportunity for growth, learning and transformation or is “repotting,” a scary concept? How can your fear teach you to approach change at a manageable pace with sustainable outcomes?

In some small way, everyday is an opportunity for “repotting.” We can learn something new each day by simply being present. We can truly see the people and environment around us with greater focus and gratitude. We can use curiosity as a “garden tool” and approach each day through new eyes.

I have a plant in my kitchen that I repotted in December; new soil, new pot. A month ago, she came forth with three blossoms! Now it’s your turn: Go forth, repot yourself!!

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