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20 Seconds of Courage

Recently I watched the charming film “We Bought A Zoo,” the story of a recent widower who reclaims his life and that of his children when he leaves his job, his home and his old life and buys a run down zoo. The plot follows the tumultuous path that leads to the rebuilding of the zoo and the lives of each member of the family. A particularly touching scene involved the protagonist, Matt Damon, telling his terribly unhappy teenage son the concept of “20 seconds of courage.” In essence, the notion is that anyone can go after someone or something that seems unattainable by just grabbing 20 seconds of life and taking a risk to make a dream happen! Wow, what a concept! 20 seconds is a manageable period of time during which we cannot so thoroughly embarrass or terrify ourselves that we can’t go for something, right?

So how shall we use our 20 seconds? I think the possibilities are endless. Ask a question that has been sitting with you. Call a person you have dreamed of dialing. Send a letter or email you have wanted to write. Have a conversation you have imagined. The options are fascinating and magnificent.

So what makes this concept concurrently terrifying and thrilling? Well, terrifying because we humans just don’t like feeling embarrassed. Thrilling because we can certainly handle a little bit of embarrassment in order to discover a paradigm that might lead us in the direction of fulfilling our dreams.

So what stops us? Most of all our challenge is not to stop ourselves because we think we can predict the outcome, or we think we can’t handle the outcome. In fact, our “20 seconds of courage” is far more about the journey than the result. If we can keep from tripping over our fear and potential embarrassment, imagine how many potential 20-second increments await us!

We need to go forward with this challenge regardless of the imagined outcome. Just imagine what your future might hold if you just keep risking 20 seconds of courage over and over again.

If you haven’t seen the film, I’m not going to tell you how our adolescent claims his courageous 20 seconds. But I am strongly going to encourage you to focus your energy upon discovering your 20-second goal and then going for it! Please post your stories on our Facebook page. I am in for this challenge too! Ready set…20, 19, 18…

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