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helping people change

"I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to attend two retreats with Laurie Morgan Silver of A Day at the Mind Spa. Laurie's presence coupled with her outstanding presentations, each centered around a theme, helped me to reorder my priorities, shed trivial concerns, and gain personal insight. Laurie is a very wise woman with an extremely calming presence. Her retreats were inspirational. To top it off, Laurie has a great sense of humor, and participating in her retreats was fun!"

- Kathy,
Residential Real Estate Broker

Collaborate with A Day at the Mind Spa

A Day at the Mind Spa is open to working with like-minded organizations and we also offer licensing opportunities to therapist affiliates in locations outside of Houston and Santa Fe.

Our founder, Laurie Morgan Silver, is also available for Retreats, Speaking Engagements and Panel Discussions.

Laurie Morgan Silver:
What I Believe

Laurie Morgan Silver

Laurie Morgan Silver,

I believe in following your dreams. I believe you can create the life you want to live. I believe you can manifest your intentions and see them come to life. I believe none of this comes without taking risk and without going for it.

I believe it is connection to ourselves and to others that gives meaning to our lives and it is the contributions we make through work and service that feeds our souls. I believe all of us humans are more alike than different, and we are seeking fulfillment and serenity throughout life. So now is the time!

Go after your life!