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Mind Massage messages are here to loosen and limber up your mind, to give your preconceptions a little nudge, to add a little ray of light to your day. Just as a physical massage might make you say “Ahh”, a Mind Massage might make you say “Aha!”

Each Mind Massage is different. Some will be funny. Some will be moving. Some will be instructive. Some will pique curiosity. Each piece is an invitation to explore, reflect and understand something about yourself, your universe or the world at large. 

We are clearly living in a time of remarkable change – within ourselves, within our communities, within our planet. Change can be scary. Change can be invigorating. Change can be transformative. Mind Massage will provide perspectives on how change can be a positive force in life.


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How we all love things new! New beginnings. New trends. New clothing. New recipes. New friends. New hair styles. New travel destinations. New restaurants. New outlooks. New insights. read on >

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"I have worked with Laurie for at least ten years. Her guidance has helped me navigate all kinds of life changes including divorcing parents, my own dating and marriage, and now parenting. After my sessions with Laurie I find a new clarity of thought and a new confidence to move forward on whatever issue we've discussed. Her guidance gives me insights that I often mull over and use in my daily life for weeks and months and even years after our conversation. The peace, health and integrity that her work has added to my life are treasured gifts! "





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