Relationship Retreats

The happiness of our lives is often measured by the health of our relationships with the most important people in our lives – our spouses, our children, our siblings, our parents and our friends. These Retreats help us understand the other’s point of view and give us tools to communicate clearly and with love and respect.

We Three Queens
"Spend a Day Consumed with Love"

A Day at the Mind Spa & Sparrow Bar + Cookshop bring you a day dedicated to exploring the secrets of love for all ages. Join Laurie Morgan Silver, psychotherapist and certified life coach, and Monica Pope, gifted chef and owner of t'afia restaurant, as we spend a half-day immersed in love! There will be an interactive Cooking Class by Monica Pope with a Love Menu & Feast and an interactive "Laurie Chat" focused on love across the life span learning about what makes for resilient relationships and what keeps relationships energized regardless of age.

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"Laurie Morgan Silver is a warm, compassionate person who smiles often, knows how to listen and offers encouragement when appropriate. This is exactly what I want in a therapist."

- Carol, Reporter

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Laurie Morgan Silver:
What I Believe

Laurie Morgan Silver

Laurie Morgan Silver,

I believe in following your dreams. I believe you can create the life you want to live. I believe you can manifest your intentions and see them come to life. I believe none of this comes without taking risk and without going for it.

I believe it is connection to ourselves and to others that gives meaning to our lives and it is the contributions we make through work and service that feeds our souls. I believe all of us humans are more alike than different, and we are seeking fulfillment and serenity throughout life. So now is the time!

Go after your life!