A Day at the Mind Spa offers a series of Retreats developed around critical life passages and issues many of us face during significant transitions in our lives. Retreats are limited to groups of 10 or fewer and may be held over the course of a single day or over a weekend, and are hosted at various locations in Houston, TX, and Santa Fe, NM.

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If you have a group interested in a particular Retreat theme at a particular location, let us know. We can create an experience unique to your group retreat in Houston and Santa Fe.


We offer a wide variety of Retreats, most of which fall into three areas of interest:

  • Life Transitions/Self Realization Retreats
  • Relationship Retreats
  • Work/Life Balance Retreats


Led by a certified psychotherapist, our Retreats draw on the synergy and motivating energy of a group of people committed to change. With a mix of didactic and interactive exercises and techniques, we reflect upon and gain insight into the issues addressed by the Retreat.


You’ll leave our retreats with a greater understanding of yourself and an emotional toolbox for maximizing transition and improving your daily life and overall sense of well-being.

Here is a sampling of some of our most popular Retreats:

Life Transition/Self Realization

  • Lessons Learned in Our Solo Adventures
  • Emotional Spring Cleaning:  Change Your Thinking & Change Your Life
  • Personalized Mission Statement and Vision Boards
  • Time to Add a Child?
  • Sustaining Intimate Relationships in the Midst of Transitions
  • Communicate Better with the People You Love
  • Nesting in the Empty Nest
  • Fundamentals of Meditation
  • What Makes for Well-being?
  • Maximizing the Last Chapters of Life
  • The Nature of Transition
  • Can People Really Change and How?
  • Communication Style Analysis Including Conflict Resolution Assessment


  • How to Choose a Partner
  • What Makes for a Good Marriage?
  • Keeping the Chemistry Going
  • Mothering the Mother
  • Parenting Your Adult Children
  • Talking to Teenagers

Work/Life Balance

  • The Daily Quest for Work/Life Balance
  • Do You Live to Work or Work to Live?
  • Color Your Life with Passion

helping people change

"I am so grateful for Laurie! As a result of our work together, particularly with attachment patterns, I have become more accepting of others as I understand how our childhood shapes who we are today. I have found my relationships to be more meaningful and fulfilling, especially with my partner. Perhaps even most importantly, I am learning to value my own experience as I move through life. She challenges me mentally and without judgement to see each situation in a new light. I especially appreciate feeling as if every moment is productive and that Laurie is present during every minute of our sessions. I very much appreciate her as a friend and a teacher."

- Rachel, OB/GYN

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Laurie Morgan Silver:
What I Believe

Laurie Morgan Silver

Laurie Morgan Silver,

I believe in following your dreams. I believe you can create the life you want to live. I believe you can manifest your intentions and see them come to life. I believe none of this comes without taking risk and without going for it.

I believe it is connection to ourselves and to others that gives meaning to our lives and it is the contributions we make through work and service that feeds our souls. I believe all of us humans are more alike than different, and we are seeking fulfillment and serenity throughout life. So now is the time!

Go after your life!