Work/Life Balance Retreats

We spend a great many of our waking hours at work. Meaningful work experiences are important to overall mind wellness. These Retreats address topics such as how to find fulfillment at work, how to make sure our life outside of work doesn’t suffer, and whether it is time for a career change.

Choosing Serenity vs. Stress

This retreat will explore the American obsession with being "stressed." We will talk about the biological foundation of the stress response and how stress has evolved into a virtual cult experience that reflects one's "busi-ness" and self worth. We will reflect upon the role stress plays in our lives, explore a "mind spa" paradigm that offers an alternative to being "stressed" and understand our options for productivity without being overwhelmed. This retreat will have some interactive experiences.

The Fine Art Between Work & Rest

In a life lived mindfully to create optimum well-being, work and rest must become congruent and compatible so that each moment of life includes the proper balance of work and rest. In this retreat, we will learn the art of integrating work and rest so that restful work and active rest become the norm throughout your working and non-working life. We will define active resting and restful work and explore the barriers to this balance in your current daily routines.

Do You Live to Work or Work to Live?
Creating Well-being in Your Daily Rhythm

This retreat will be interactive and is intended as a mid-year assessment of your relationship with work and rest. Using a grid exercise, participants will examine their personal life priorities and their professional priorities. Then we will integrate these priorities to determine whether one is living to work or working to live.  Next we will explore if the “outcome” information reflects your personal goals and priorities and how you can readjust to regulate the fine balance between work and rest.  We will also explore the fine art of resting and learn the secrets to restorative and engaged "rest."

helping people change

"Working with Laurie Morgan Silver has been terrific. She has a real talent for knowing people and helping them to know themselves. I feel our entire family has benefited from working toward improved interpersonal reactions. In addition, I have benifited from sessions focusing on self awareness that I can apply at work and at home."

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Laurie Morgan Silver:
What I Believe

Laurie Morgan Silver

Laurie Morgan Silver,

I believe in following your dreams. I believe you can create the life you want to live. I believe you can manifest your intentions and see them come to life. I believe none of this comes without taking risk and without going for it.

I believe it is connection to ourselves and to others that gives meaning to our lives and it is the contributions we make through work and service that feeds our souls. I believe all of us humans are more alike than different, and we are seeking fulfillment and serenity throughout life. So now is the time!

Go after your life!